Rules and Policies

Dialed In Goaltending LTD Company Policies

All participants must agree to these terms/conditions of the Dialed In Goaltending LTD Company Policies listed below.

  1. Liability Waiver
    1. All participants must sign a waiver prior to engaging in training activities with Dialed In Goaltending.
  2. Behavior
    1. We, Dialed In Goaltending LTD, reserve the right to ask any goaltender with inappropriate attitude(s)/actions towards instructors and/or other participant(s) to leave the ice sessions.
    1. Continued behavior issues, at the discretion of Dialed In Goaltending Instructors, will result in the termination of any ongoing contract(s) with the individual.
  3. Scheduling
    1. 24 Hour Cancellation
      1. If the scheduled session is cancelled, there is a required 24-hour cancellation to avoid being charged for the session.
    1. Scheduled ice times
      1. instructors will be on the ice at the previous communicated ice times.
      1. any delays from participants will not be eligible for rescheduling.
    1. Weather
      1. if the scheduled session is cancelled due to inclement weather, the session will need rescheduled.
  4. Payment
    1. Payment terms
      1. Payment is due at time of service(s) yielded unless other arrangements have been made.
      1. Invoice payments are due net 30 days from reception of invoice unless other arrangements have been made.
        1. There will be a late fee of 10% for any unpaid invoice past the 30-day period after receiving the invoice.
    1. Unpaid Balance
      1. If payment from organization/individual is past due, we will not continue scheduled sessions until unpaid balance is cleared.
    1. No show payment
      1. If goaltender fails to show for the scheduled session, without proper notification of absence, payment will still be required.