“These are the best coaches in the area. Hands down.”

-Austin Nowak, student-

The evolution of goaltending has been explosive the past couple decades. Fundamental and technical skillsets are quintessential in today’s game to ensure the success for goaltenders of all ages.

Dialed In Goaltending harnesses that need. We are taking charge of this forgotten position and teaching the valuable craft needed to succeed on and off the ice.

The approach we take is aimed at developing technical and physical aspects needed to be a top-tier goaltender today. Continued learning of the top puck-stoppers in today’s game accelerates the development of our youth. Properly conveying and implementing techniques, develops the confidence of a Dialed In Goaltender.

Seasonal Camps

Join us for an on & off-ice session(s) focusing on individualized goaltending skills.

Private Sessions

Schedule a private session and receive additional training.

Team Rates

Find what works best for your team and/or organization. We cater packages to your organizations specific needs and goals. One of our experienced coaches will work with goalies throughout practice.

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